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Can Yeezy 350 be used for running

What makes a good running shoe? Midsole cushioning, toe box, and tread, how do all these impact one’s running experience? It’s subjective, of course. But there are certain features and designs that everyone can agree too.
Yeezys are well among the most hyped trainers nowadays. It’s kind of common to see Kim Kardashian West capturing her morning workouts in Yeezys. Most probably with the lower-profile 350 boost model.
Despite their statement-making design, Yeezys are functional athletic shoes, just like most Adidas models. But before we start, there’s something you might need to know about Yeezys:
The first Yeezy was introduced in 2009, following a collaboration between Adidas and the celebrity rapper Kanye West. However, there wasn’t much recognition until 2015 when the collaboration released more varieties, including the popular 350 series.
Yeezys are incredibly popular, and with all the hype, it can be hard to tell if they are good or bad for running. So in this post, we’re going to break down the key features and the general structure of ideal running shoes and see Yeezys appropriateness when it comes to running.
This is the top part of the shoe. It typically comes in a variety of patterns, prints, and colorways at Yeezys. Yeezy uppers are commonly crafted from a combination of mesh or knit fabric with synthetic leathers.
They are attached to the midsole, and they help to keep your feet in place while running. It also protects your feet from obvious gravel and dirt.
The prime knit uppers provide an optimal point of stretch and hugging your feet in place while still allowing your forefoot to spread around unconstrained sensation. Moreover, the uppers are typically breathable, which is a fantastic feature for running shoes.
Some yeezys, for instance, the yeezy 350 series, come with a jagged stripe across the sides, which adds contrast to the design. So, staying true across Yeezys, the uppers are pretty much favorable for athletic performances.

Yeezy Midsole

The midsole is where the actual performance takes place. As far as the midsole is concerned, one thing you can expect from Yeezys is a lightweight and supportive material that provides a fair deal of shock absorbency.

Common cushioning types include EVA- based footbed crafted from lightweight material for soft support, and Adidas Boost technology midsole that delivers maximum energy return and sufficient cushioning support.

For instance, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 delivers great responsiveness and shock absorbency with its Boost midsole. That means walking/running with these shoes feels amazing. The support level is considerable and substantial upon every strike but certainly not exceptional.


This is another crucial feature to check out for when shopping for reliable running shoes. There are various forms of outsoles used for grip, speed, and lightweight construction to avoid fatigue afterward.

With rubber gum running across the outsole and midsole, the union between the top and the base Yeezy is meant to last a good time.

Although there are different Yeezy versions, you can be sure to find some like the Boost 700 to be adequately supportive and with a reliable grip. Yeezy outsoles aren’t the most durable either, but they are perfectly usable and tough enough to last a considerable time.


Although it is a low impact on your joints, running is a weight-bearing activity, so making sure the shoe has adequate padding and overall ability to accommodate your weight is imperative.

As for Yeezy, the collar is coupled with firm padding that provides excellent cushioning to your joint system. This certainly contributes to the wearer’s overall comfort. The opening is designed to be wide and accessible, allowing you to slip in easily short of a struggle.


The lacing system comes in handy to help you adjust the fit of the shoes. That means you can tighten or loosen the fitting, based on the activity you’re partaking. Apparently, running calls for a snug fit, something not too tight to rub your bunions or cause irritation, yet not too lose to compromise performances.

Functionality wise, Yeezy’s lacing system, for instance, the Boost 700, is much more like what you’ll find in most running shoes from Adidas. It is effective and easy to adjust for a precise fit.

However, things are quite different for other Yeezy models like the 350 V2. The whole thing is good for running, only that it lacks the lace cage. This makes it look simple and somehow resembles the Ultra Boost Uncaged for that matter.


Coming down to comfort, hands down to yeezys, they are among the most comfortable shoes in the modern sneaker niche. As I’ve stated before, the firm padding and midsole featured by most Yeezy, or at least the Boost 700, are meant to offer adequate cushioning and support. 

And while support goes hand in hand with comfort, you can expect these shoes to do your feet a nice treat while running. From ankle support, heel, and forefoot, yeezys are arguably decent and tolerable for regular running sessions.


Yeezys, for example, the Boost 350, may look a little larger and bulkier, probably due to their outsole design. However, make no mistake as these shoes actually run small. Ideally, you can go for a half size up for an excellent fit, especially if you have a narrow fit. But for those with wide feet, ordering a full-size up can be a great idea.


Yeezys are definitely not an option for those looking for a simple lifestyle running shoe without breaking the bank. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700, for instance, currently retails at a price of around $435-818, while the 350 V2 model comes in at around $220, which is clearly already on the higher end. But if you can manage the budget, it’s pretty worth it as the shoes feel good and great on the feet.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that Yeezys are among the more prominent shoes in the footwear niche today. Hype aside, they provide an overall comfortable fit, good style, and probably fit most runners criteria of a reliable running shoe. However, you can get a pair of running shoes with more or less amount of support or comfort at a much budget price, which would be worthwhile and suitable for you.

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